Mjuk, skön och gedigen tshirt med grym passform som funkar perfekt på gatan och i gymmet.

• Kortärmad Restless t-shirt
• Tillverkad i 100% bomull
• Athletic fit, längre passform & smalare midja
• Tryck, färg och passform håller bra genom tvätt


Modellen är 185cm lång och bär storlek Medium.

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× 2-7 dagars leveranstid
× 14 dagars öppet köp



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Sometimes you just get that little voice in your head to say something that hits you very hard. The voice that tells you “she’s amazing! marry her!” or something like that haha. I’ve come to realize the best advice always originates from the heart. Well what about heartbreak and unanswered love? At least you had the moment of love so that you know what it feels like and so that you will chase it again and again. Be it love or happiness it doesn’t really matter in the end.

Too often our head is leading the charge and sadly we’re not even using our eyes to gaze into horizons anymore. Buildings cover our view, asphalt cover the grass and what we once were can no longer be so easily achieved. The heart works as a compass though. It doesn’t need visual guidance, it doesn’t have to measure distance. It sets its own goals and keeps you moving in that direction while rewarding you with sparks of happiness and lightning strikes of euphoria.

Do whatever makes you the most happy. Chase whatever your heart tells you to. Keep that head up, that chest out and that heart first. It will find its way for you – with you.

Heart first. Always.

– – –


This t shirt has a slightly longer fit to it. It comes in Light Blue, Light Green and Black with a white print. The model is a loose fit for both men and women.


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